Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First adventures of my Argentine life

in the past week I have...
  • sanded, painted, and assembled wooden signs for a wedding
  • danced with an indigenous Guaraní woman in an airport terminal
  • made super fresh orange, papaya, mango, peach and banana juice
  • learned that there is actually such a thing as banana juice
  • paid my respects to the heros of Paraguay
  • participated in a Catholic parade celebrating the virgin Maria
  • watched little kids play in-house soccer at the stadium nearby
  • ..where I saw a 5 yr old do a bicycle kick.
  • picked the first fresh papaya of the season from the tree in our backyard
  • got my butt kicked in air hockey by my 10 yr old brother (twice)
  • learned to dance like a Gringa-Latina
  • crossed the Argentina-Paraguay boarder without getting deported!!!
  • ate fresh river fish caught by my host dad
  • watched FRIENDS in Spanish! (the voice that dubbed for Pheobe was surprisingly low.. and the voice that dubbed for Ross surprisingly high. it made it that much better:))
  • learned I most likely won't be going to high school this year, but rather a school similar to a University in Formosa
  • improved my Spanish a little more each day
  • made empanadas, gnocchi, chipa and bread from scratch
  • befriended a group of elderly birdwatchers from Iowa and two competitive figure skaters from San Francisco
  • visited an elementary school in Formosa
  • worn shorts everyday. tomorrow the weather is supposed to be 33 degrees Celsius (which is 90 degrees Fahrenheit). I still don't believe them when they say this is "winter".
  • while on a run, met aerial trapeze artists who then put on a private performance for me
..and that's just been since I wrote last! I cannot thank my family back home, here in Formosa, and Rotary enough for the opportunities they have already given me. This year is going to be a blast :)


Sam Estenson said...

You crazy gringa, how I miss your silly ways!! =)
It's obvious you're having a fantastic time and I couldn't be happier for you. Not that I'm stocking your blog or anything...I mean, I may be commenting on this within an hour of you uploading it, but hey, I'm bored and in Northfield while you're off in ARGENTINA =D
So hungry for empanadas and gnochi (what's chipa?)

Ashley Tollefson said...

AH Maria I'm so happy you are having such an amazing time!!!!!! You have quite the list already of amazing Argentine experiences! Just think of how long that list will be a year from now:) I love the pic of you dancing with your tribal gear in the airport...how'd that come about?! Keep having a great time! Oh! And it looks like you're an empanada pro already. They look soooo tasty!
Besos, Ashley

Liv Thompson said...

MIA! miss you so much but everything sounds amazing! i'm watching friends as i read this:)

Barb Westre said...

Maria! So glad you finally updated....I've been "stalking" (not "stocking", like Sam is doing) your blog all this time. (Sorry Sam)
I'm so picturing you at a family reunion, that seems like not long ago, of you doing the "Macarena"......must have been an omen that you would end up in Argentina some day!
Continue to enjoy your adventures and thanks for sharing them with us! Love you!

Amanda Turner said...

maria! i'm so jealous that you made empanadas! i had those every night while i stayed in Costa Rica, you should probably get the recipe. Sounds like you're having an amazing time! i like your blog!! :]

Katherine Spurlock said...

Maria! This sounds so fun! Geez I don't have that many highlight in a month. I'm so glad your having a great time. 90 degrees in winter! I can't even imagine what it's like in the summer. Your host family is so lucky to have you. I'm going to have to scheme my mom into making a side trip to Argentina before the years over!
Love you :)

Murrkat said...

murrkat thinks that sounds like fun

Heidi Strike said...

Maria, your time in Argentina sounds amazing!! I love your blogs, and I like that you watched Friends in Spanish :) Keep enjoying yourself!

Beret said...

maria this was so fun to read! its the same here with juices! today i had fresh caju juice, which is a fruit i didnt even know existed before i got her. but we also have mango, papaya, and orange juice all the time. but the oranges here are green..so weird! and the empanadas looks soo good! we have those here but they're smaller! sounds like you're having a great time. beijos! :*