Thursday, September 9, 2010


So the 'one month' sum up is much harder than my weekend trip sum ups, so I'm going to just say a few things in bullets and leave the rest till another time.
  1. In no way does it feel like I have been here a month. I have experienced SO much so far in Argentina and can't wrap my head around the fact that I did all that in just one month... yet I also feel like it was just last week that I slipped on my blazer and walked through MSP security!
  1. is SOOO different.
  2. Uniforms! As far as I can tell, there are about 8 or 9 colegios (or high schools) in Formosa and all of them have a unique uniform. At my school the girls wear white shirts under a grey jumper, high navy socks, and school shoes- and the boys simply wear dress pants and a white t. Compared to most of the other schools, it really isn't so bad. The only problem is there isn't much of a way to adjust to weird weather, but that's a small complaint when I think about easy my morning routine is!
  1. Almost all of the exchange students in Formosa go to my school- Colegio Nacional now represents Iceland, France, Germany, Australia and the US. Jim from Iowa is actually in my course- so our curious classmates are quickly learning every detail they can think of about the United States. It's hilarious the misconceptions Hollywood and the NBA has given them.
  2. Unlike High School back home, the students don't move from one room to the next, the teachers do. I'm still trying to figure out the class schedule, it seems really random to me so far. Oh, and teachers have absolutely no control over the class- it is always a crazy fiesta and not uncommon at all for the class to play cards, listen to music, or just start clapping and singing/chanting.
  3. Speaking of clapping, singing, and chanting.... Today my 1 month mark was celebrated by a 'sentado' led by 2 students in my course. Instead of going to class as usual, half the school stayed out in the patio for the whole day in protest of the lack of money the government gives to education. It awesome to be apart of something that those students were so passionate about... and apparently these protests are going to be scattered about for the next 40 days, or until the Governor grants the school the money it needs. We are marching tomorrow at 9:30 and who knows what next week might bring!
  1. Labor day has come and gone, meaning that poor Rick and Kris are officially empty-nesters back home. Sam moved into his dorm at the University of Denver on Monday! I am SO extremely excited for him and can't wait to hear all about his exciting, social, and obviously very over-achieving and successful school year. I really wish I could have been there to help you move in, Sammy:( And to all those back home- stop by Ibson Ave whenever you can and dump some shoes by the front door for mom and dad, I know they are going to miss all those those loaded-questions nights and bonfires. I can almost guarantee cookies, milkshakes, popcorn and fancy oranges will be provided!
As far as everything else, I'll just have to squeeze them into blogs throughout the year.
Besos y abrazos to all-

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