Monday, November 1, 2010

the little things make my day

I feel like there are so many things down here that I get so excited about doing, just because it's in Argentina! Not saying that isn't a perfectly good reason to get excited, but often times it's just little things that absolutely make my day. Now this blog isn't about anything particularly impressive or thrilling, and I know that all of you probably have much better stories to tell about your daily lives... but I have a blog. So I guess I can just write about whatever I like, and at least to ME the little things have been pretty exciting.

First little thing that makes my day: I'm friends with taxi drivers. Blondes are rare in Formosa, and since I usually have to take a taxi into town, it didn't take long for me to become a familiar face. Now, there are many times when I'll be out running or walking around town and hear *honk honk* "MIA!!" While in the States, I probably would have found this a tad creepy- here it never fails to make me laugh. 

Second little thing: I spent Halloween on the beach! Had it been any other day, this probably wouldn't have phased me, but it wasn't until I was sitting there with some friends talking about holidays in the US when I realized that was the first and possibly only time I'll ever need to put on sunscreen when I go out for Halloween. 

Third little thing: Not that it was ever really on there in the first place, but I can now check of running a 5k in Argentina off my to-do list! Normally I get up and run before school to avoid hitting the afternoon heat, but with this having been my first day back to school in a while I forgot to reset my alarm. So a couple hours ago I decided to suck it up and just go run, and I'm so happy I did! As I got closer to the track I realized there was a really big crowd (especially for a Monday afternoon) and curiously went to check it out. Turns out I had arrived just in time and that there was a 5k race for Día de los Muertos.  They invited me to compete, and, happy to have people to pace myself with and eager to add another experience to my list, I quickly agreed. I'm not sure if it was actually me being in good shape, or just the combination of music, montage of CC memories running through my head the entire time, and adrenaline that made me kick it into gear, but I ended up coming in third! Now if only race-participation shirts were as popular in Formosa as they are back home... 

Tomorrow is Día de los Muertos, so no school again! Turns out I'll graduate from high school down here having never been to 4 consecutive days :) Instead I'm going to go shopping with my friends in Paraguay and then hit the beach again for the evening. Then just 3 more days of school and I'll be packing my bags for Patagonia! 

Besos y abrazos a todos,

4 comments: said...

great post. that taxi thing sounds hilarious and awesome.

Sam Estenson said...

Maria, you just made my day too, so thanks! hahah

I don't doubt that you got third place at all. I just laugh that it was in a Día de los Muertos race. You must have scared the other competitors with your hideous mask (and by that I mean your normal face, so there!!)!!
Glad you're already known by your taxi pimps for workin' the streets. Remember to switch up corners so as to maximize your reputation around town! ;) Maybe I shouldn't have written that on your blog, oh well it's online now so it's too late - hopefully everyone knows that I'm your brother and that it's my duty to make fun of you!

Have a good time at the beach! And enjoy Graduation. We've gotta skype for sure before you leave for PATAGONIA!!!! Woohoo

Samantha Weaver said...

you know what, mia, try having a little less fun and taking a few less glorious pictures so that i can reduce my tears from 1 million a night to 1 thousand. these are all absolutely stunning and yet you still shine in them! geez lady, cut us all some slack back here in the USA :) besitos enormes, cuidate preciosa

emily said...

i'm glad all the hard work we put into cc last year paid off for you! i'm sure you were running a little faster than our weekly runs to the golf club. love you girly!