About Formosa

Some fast facts about my province and city here in Argentina:

formosa province

Argentina is subdivided into 23 provinces. The Province of Formosa is tucked up into the northeast of Argentina, bordering with Paraguay to the north, and its neighboring provinces of Salta and Chaco. Sitting in the Gran Chaco region, it is known for its beautiful landscapes and warm weather. In fact, the name of the province (and capital city) stems from the Spanish word 'hermosa' meaning 'beautiful!' It isn't much of a tourist destination, and is one of Argentina's poorest provinces, but the people have a reputation for being unbelievably welcoming and fun. 

The city of Formosa is the capital of this province, and is located on the Paraguay River- a natural boarder between Argentina and Paraguay. There are little passenger boats that go back and forth between the two countries every hour on the hour (and since the Paraguayan Guaraní is much weaker than the Argentine Peso, this is handy for quick shopping trips!)