Buenos Aires

In front of the Argentinean Congress with my host sister, mama, and nephew
Instead of a popcorn and a large diet coke- 
I sipped (cine)mate.. at the (very full) 1:45am movie

Plaza de Mayo (with the Casa Rosada in the background)

Outside the Quilmes Rock music festival in Buenos Aires

entering the VIP section

Cino, one of Argentina's biggest names in National Rock

La Boca
Outside Gaminito's in La Boca
Future Messis and Maradonas
Tourist buddies from Ecuador
Best Churipan ever- for a buck-fifty from a street cart on the harbor

Surprise Mariachi Birthday
Teaching English at the elementary school

Folklore for Formosa's Birthday
My nephew Gino's baptism

Iguazu falls with Jim, Anne and Philipp
Resistencia with Andy and Ruby
the whole group in Brasilia

One of the little girls in the Favela (ghetto) that we gave gifts to

Copacabana beach

Where they have Carnival in Rio

Top of Sugarloaf Mountain with Ruby

Christ the Redeemer


View of Rio de Janeiro from Sugarloaf Mountain

New Years Eve

Christmas crafts with Erin

New Years Eve Mass

Santa and Angel Ornaments with Sam

Christmas dinner with the fam

Baking Pan Dulce with Graciela

Mechanical Bull

Festival Folklore

"one serving"

La Union


Puerto Madryn

El Calafate
Glaciar Perito Moreno


World's Southern-most harbor

the girls in front of our cabin!

puente del inca

Okay I know, not appropriate attire for hiking in the Andes..
but they told me we were vineyard hopping that day.

cows in the clouds

the winding road to Catamarca


plaza indepencía, mendoza

Graciela and Vito, my adorable host parents 

FINALLY in the same Argentine city!


photos from around my barrio

Inbounds to District 4845: In Argentina, with Paraguay and Brazil behind us
below: photos from Las Cataratas de Iguazú

Such tourists! :)

Entre Ríos
Palm trees lining the countryside in Entre Ríos, Argentina
The Cathedral/Monastery we stayed at for the weekend
Friends at an in-school protest

Marching downtown Formosa in protest of the lack of funding that goes towards education

The courtyard at school
The American exchange students in Formosa, and our families!

My host parents, Vito and Graciela, and I in Asunción, Paraguay

The view walking downtown Formosa

My first (and very amazing!) Rotary connection- (from right to left) a former Worldwide President of Rotary International, his wife Celia, and good friend Eduardo!
Can't believe my luck in finding them at the airport in Buenos Aires!

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