Monday, June 14, 2010


And so it begins! We've worn our gowns and thrown our caps, and are officially graduated. In light of all the 'lasts' that senior year has brought, I would like to start something instead. In two months I will be on my way to Formosa, Argentina for my year abroad as an exchange student. Though I don't know much (in fact hardly anything) about what this next year will bring, I could not be more excited. So here it goes, welcome to my life- la vida Mia.


Sam Estenson said...

Yay, I'm so pumped for this!! haha,

It might be more accurate to say "And so (Sam's endless stream of jealous and excited blogger comments) begins...
;) Just kidding, I'll try not to post TOO many!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria,
We already miss you! Have a great year! We love you.

Chuck,Cindy,Kaitlin and Andrew